September 24, 2006

The weather has finally given me a break to get back on the concrete. It has been nearly a month since I last poured concrete, as the weather has just not been cooperative on the weekends. This section has been formed since the last pour and the sand I out in the form has been beaten down flat and packed, making it a great surface to pour over.

This section was about 10 foot long and it took about two hours to pour it. Since the air was cool it set rather slowly so I decided to jump into another project while I waited for it to set. The picture below shows the area I decided to work on. It has been a place to pile leftover conduit and other items that I didnít take time to store elsewhere. This is the spot where the shop air compressor will be installed and I need to pour concrete to support it. But before I could work on this area I needed to clean it out and move the set of shelves that were setting beside the ramp.

The shelves were left over from the old shop and had been in the new shop until I replaced them this spring. The garage was so crowded when I moved them from the shop that I set them beside the ramp and had started filling them up. Originally I planned on the workbench in the picture below setting in the corner and the shelves beside them. But after using the garage for a while I realized it would be better to have the shelves in the corner allowing more room to work on things clamped in the vise. So not only did I need to clean out the compressor corner but I had to attack this front corner of the shop as well.

The picture above shows the shelves moved into their permanent spot and the workbench beside it. I did not have time to get all the rest of the stuff organized so it still looks a bit messy, but it really went a long way to getting the garage cleaned up. As you can see below I got the compressor base formed and extended the two 3/4" conduits extended through the form. These conduits provide power and control for the dust control unit. I layered some salvage bricks in the middle of the base to conserve on concrete. The concrete will extend to the floor on all four sides and have a 6Ē layer on the top.

The final picture shows the base after I poured the concrete. I mixed smaller batches that I use on the patio, as I donít want the wheelbarrow as full when I run it up the ramp and dump it. I used a piece of cardboard to protect the walls from the concrete splatters.

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