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Ogden, UT to Sparks, NV

Day 3 Travel Route

Today was another long day of travel, over 7-hours in the car travelling from Ogden, Utah to Sparks, Nevada. We started about 7:00 AM and as the sun rose we had a beautiful view of the salt flats and the mountains west of Interstate 15. These mountains are across Provo Bay and were fully lit with the rising sun while the flats and bay in front of us was still in the shadows.

Sun Rise Across Provo Bay

After a long drive across the salt flats we entered Nevada and a much different terrain. This picture, taken out of the window at 75 MPH, is of the Hole in the Mountain Peak near Wells, Nevada, which is part of the Ruby Mountain Range. The summit of this mountain is 11,306 feet above sea level, behind it is Mount Fitzgerald at 11,215.

Hole in the  Mountain Peak, near Wells, Nevada

After arriving in Sparks, Nevada and checking in the motel we took a short trip south of Reno to Virginia City and then to Carson City, Nevada. We took a very scenic route over Rattle Snake Mountain and stopped at Geiger Lookout to take the picture below. Below us was the entire Reno/Sparks, Nevada metropolitan area. We did not spend any time in Virginia City but did drive around Carson City, the state capital of Nevada.

Reno & Sparks Nevada from Geiger Lookout

On our return trip from Carson City we stopped at the Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory and saw the statue of the miner behind the factory. He was about 10 foot tall but there weren't any signs to tell us if he was mining chocolate nuggets or other minerals of much higher value. We did find some chocolate indoors that will become a welcome treat as we continue west.

Statue of miner at Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory

While Sandy was asking directions to BJ's Barbecue, Gary and I started comparing notes on what images we shared on the digital cameras. Since this update is coming from our room Gary's images didn't make the cut. It seems to me that he got a similar shot of me checking my camera, perhaps a long day in the car was wearing on us....

Gary helping with update photographs

Just prior to heading to dinner we were treated to a beautiful sunset. Tomorrow we will continue on to San Francisco to join Brian.

Sunset over Sparks, Nevada

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