Kitchen Remodel Project

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This is a temporary page to display a picture or two of the on going kitchen project. We will have a complete page in the near future, but for now here is the progress on this very large project.

This is an image of the cabinet line-up viewed towards the Northwest. The refrigerator will set to the tight of the cabinets on the North wall. I will build a cabinet above it and a side to cover the East side.

This image shows the open corner where the oven cabinet will be installed on Saturday October 16. There is another wall cabinet that will be mounted once the oven cabinet is set. The image below shows the windowsill detail. We are using an early 1900's style casing and sill design. All of this will be in solid walnut.

Saturday was a very productive day with the extra help from Mark, a friend from work. As you can see from this view to the Northwest we got all the counter top installed along with the kitchen sink. This is a cast iron enameled sink was very heavy and I was glad to have Mark's help. The image below is a close-up of the new sink.

This image shows the Southwest view of the kitchen after the installation of the wall oven cabinet and the remaining wall cabinet. Sunday will see the finish of the counter top and I will open the hole for the counter-top range unit.

Sunday was as productive as Saturday, it just didn't show as much. In the image above you can see that the counter top edge is completed and the hole is cut through for the cook-top. I had cut the opening prior to laying the Formica so it was just a matter of removing the Formica. It is difficult to see in this image but I also needed to remove some scrap material off the end of the corner unit where the refigerator cabinet will set. The next project was to close in the small slanted wall protions behind the oven cabinet. I installed the finished side panel at the same time. (the wires you see are for under cabinet lighting)

The final project of the day was to case the window and get it and the other new wood stained. In the image below you can see the upper detail on this window. If you look closely you can see a recessed pocket at the top of the window behind the headpiece of casing. We will be installing a pleated shade and this will allow it to be hidden from view when retracted.

The next projects will be to build the refrigerator and microwave cabinets. Of course there is some varnishing that needs to be done to protect the raw wood from damage.

Kitchen Floor Report

Monday November 15, 1999 marked a very significant andvance in our kitchen project. The floor guys arrived to install underlayment and the new flooring material. They are pictured below as they cut the 1/4 mahogany underlayment with utility knives and stapled it in place.

This father/son team works for Floor To Ceiling and did an outstanding job on the floor in the kitchen and half bath. The next two images show the completed kitchen floor.

The floor was installed and cleaned up by 3:00 so I installed the ceramic tile above the cook top range. This went very smoothly and I was able to rent a tile saw, make all the cuts, and have it returned in less than an hour. The next project will be to grout the tile so that I can get the cook-top installed.