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Our trip to Roy, Utah

  • First Three Days
  • Denver to Grand Junction
  • Grand Junction to Roy, Utah
  • Antelope Island and Hill Aerospace Museum
  • Roy, Utah to West Yellowstone, Wyoming
  • West Yellowstone, Montana to Deadwood, South Dakota
  • Deadwood, South Dakota to Mason City, Iowa
  • Gary returned to work this morning so we were on our own until the middle of the afternoon. So this meant we had time to drive around Layton where our motel was located and then we drove over up to Roy to scout out Gary's town. We went back out to the Hill Aerospace Museum to try to find the Roy Historical Meseum that we missed the day before. The picture below shows the wonderfully landscaped gardens that surround this log cabin museum.

    Inside we found many interesting displays including the one below that featured a Speed Queen washing machine. I added the small inset picture to show the logo that was clearly visible. The machine was in very nice condition and we were sure it was the pride and joy of its original owner. But by today’s standards we decided it was not something we’d choose to use.

    This museum is housed in a log cabin structure and has a very nice water garden in the front.

    The map above (courtesy of shows the route we drove this afternoon when we met Gary at his place. We started at Roy, traveled north to Brigham City, then to Highway 89 to Bear Lake, Utah. This was a long twisting drive up Logan Canyon and the picture below shows the entrance to the canyon at Logan.

    From Logan to Bear Lake it took us about an hour driving time and the picture below shows the view as we began descending to the lake level. This is the second largest natural lake in Utah and is a very popular resort area.

    The next picture is taken from the south end of the lake and shows the very expansive sand beach, marked on the map above as Rendezvous Beach. There was a turn off to drive onto the beach, but it was late in the afternoon so we decided to continue our loop by heading south to Randolph and Woodruff before leaving Utah to enter Wyoming.

    The climb up above the lake provided another nice view, the picture below being at the start of this drive.

    As you can see on the map we crossed over the corner of Wyoming on the return trip and the picture above shows the change in terrain as we continued south. It was after 7:00 PM by this time so the change in the suns position made for interesting changes in the way the mountains to the east looked. We returned to Utah and stopped for a stretch at a very nice rest stop with a round walled, cone topped visitor’s center. The picture below is not the very best shot because the solid red cliffs at this rest stop were in full shade from the setting sun. But I include it here because of the drastic change in the rock color just a few miles south.

    Just a few miles further south the rocks turned from red to almost white. The picture below was taken from the interstate turnout provided for viewing what is referred to as Devils Slide. This rock structure consists of two ridges of limestone standing vertically with a flat portion between them making them look very much like a child’s slide at a playground. This was our final picture for the day as the sun gave up on us as we returned to Roy for dinner.

    And this ends our stay with Gary in Roy, Utah. We had a wonderful time, Gary was a great host and we had plenty of time for conversation, food, music, and memories of being together. One of the problems with families living so far apart is that when the time to ends visits comes it is difficult not to feel sad, but we know this will not be our last visit here and look forward to many great adventures in the future. Thanks for the memories Gary, oh, before I forget, here are two parting pictures. Gary has taken a bit of ribbing from us about the travel trailer he showed us at a local dealer. We made him pose for the picture as if he was buying it.

    This is a 1950 or possibly early 1960's Shasta Travel trailer. We love the fins and the only problem we can see is that to pull this the vehicle must be some old late 1950's Cadillac or Crysler Imperial with huge tail fins to match those on the travel trailer.

    Tomorrow we depart for West Yellowstone.

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