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Our Philipsburg, MT Trip - August 2014

Friday began with heavy overcast and still wet from the rain overnight. Our drive up from Philipsburg provided us with this scene of the clouds hanging below the tops of the mountains to the west. This picture shows the town of Philipsburg below us as we climb up the mountain road to Gary's cabin.

Heavy overcast in the morning

The forecast was for rain but somehow we got through the day without a drop of rain. We had some sunshine off and on but most of the day it was cloudy and cool. The shed project came along well and we were able to close up the west side, which is under the car port. The door came from Iowa in the truck and although we hung it in a very non-traditional way, it made a great installation for the shed.

Door is hung

The interior of the shed is open with no shelving, we will let Gary determine how to make the best use of the cold storage space. We installed a light socket as well as an wall outlet.

Shed interior

We stopped work earlier today so we could clean up and go out to dinner. Gary had planned on this night out as it was an intersting looking place that he passes on the way to work in Missoula but is only open on weekends. It is called Boulder Creek Lodge and along with a dining room they offer cabins and an RV park. The food was great and the rustic decor really made it a comfortable place to enjoy dinner and conversation.

Boulder Creek Lodge

Following dinner we drove a mile or so back south and turned off the main road to drive through Maxville, a very small town with only a few businesses. We took Boulder Creek Road and turned around a short distance from the unicorporated town of Princeton. The views along this road offered some stunning views of the valley.

Boulder Creek Lodge

At some point along the drive the road turned to a very well maintained gravel surface and we saw many nice homes and some very rustic places as well. When a road sign announced "minimal maintenance, enter at your own risk" we decided it was time to turn around and head back to Philipsburg.

Log shack

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